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Best Plastics, Composites, Rubber for structural antenna parts

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Just a warning note about using ABS for structural parts that I've mentioned many times before - hopefully what you're planning to use is the thick walled stuff that has little or no flex. If you go to Rona or Lowe's or Home Depot and shake a 10 foot ABS pipe like a sword it flexes a lot. ;) It seems to be rigid, but its not. If you shake a length of PVC like that it will seem like a wet noodle, so avoid using PVC for structural use either, except when recommended in build plans.

From experience I'm clarifying that ABS should never be used as a pole or mast, and it should be carefully considered if you're thinking of using it as a horizontal boom of any length more than a meter or a few feet.
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For some reason these are EXTREMELY hard to find in Canada (impossible for me north of Toronto, anyway). I looked in 5 stores and the only kind anyone had were the aluminum folded sheetmetal ones. I don't know if it's because they don't stand up to the cold winters, or maybe it's just not a common practice in this area, but they don't seem to exist around here.

I do agree they are a great construction material if available locally. I spent a lot of time going through every isle of Home Depot and Lowes trying to find some other similar plastic tubing and could not come up with any good alternatives.
Just wondering, was anyone able to get these in Canada? I am getting ready to build and may have to order online if I have too.
I found them at Ace Hardware here, but their website says:

Principal Subsidiaries: Ace Hardware Canada Limited; National Hardlines Supply.

I also found them at my Home Depot, but you have to buy the nails with them, so that ups the cost a lot. At Ace Hardware, you just buy the ferrules for 15 cents each.
no luck in canada it looks like we dont have them here. You should open up your own storefront! :)
Well, DdDave could. And then make the big bucks selling 15 cent ferrules. :p

Hmm, I think the next time I put up some guttering, I will use the plastic ferrules. The aluminum ferrules, if you drive the gutter nail in too far, will bend and cant be easily unbent, even if you pull the nail out. No such problem with the plastic ferrules.
Well I paid just that 16 cents a ferrule. The only thing is that now I have 250 of them :). This was the last missing part for my build.
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