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Best Plastics, Composites, Rubber for structural antenna parts

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Just a warning note about using ABS for structural parts that I've mentioned many times before - hopefully what you're planning to use is the thick walled stuff that has little or no flex. If you go to Rona or Lowe's or Home Depot and shake a 10 foot ABS pipe like a sword it flexes a lot. ;) It seems to be rigid, but its not. If you shake a length of PVC like that it will seem like a wet noodle, so avoid using PVC for structural use either, except when recommended in build plans.

From experience I'm clarifying that ABS should never be used as a pole or mast, and it should be carefully considered if you're thinking of using it as a horizontal boom of any length more than a meter or a few feet.
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Yeah, when searching for some plastic or carbon fiber tubes for colinear rod spacers, also think in the other direction if using tubular aluminum.
Maybe I didnt understand what you are saying but carbon fiber for spacers will conduit elec depending how it is coated but I'm sure everyone know that.
Yeah I dislike acrylic compared to lexan as acrylic is quite brittle.
Actually if I remember cpvc is more for supply lines and pvc is more for drain lines.... you can use pvc for supply but cpvc is better, kinda like you could strap a kite on your back and jump from a plane but a parachute is better.
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