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Best Plastics, Composites, Rubber for structural antenna parts

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Just a warning note about using ABS for structural parts that I've mentioned many times before - hopefully what you're planning to use is the thick walled stuff that has little or no flex. If you go to Rona or Lowe's or Home Depot and shake a 10 foot ABS pipe like a sword it flexes a lot. ;) It seems to be rigid, but its not. If you shake a length of PVC like that it will seem like a wet noodle, so avoid using PVC for structural use either, except when recommended in build plans.

From experience I'm clarifying that ABS should never be used as a pole or mast, and it should be carefully considered if you're thinking of using it as a horizontal boom of any length more than a meter or a few feet.
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My current physically based quest is calling chemical and medical suppliers in my area for rigid PVC 1/4" tubes, to support the gap between reflectors in a GH10 or DBGH. Does anyone here have experience finding or using this sort of material?
Spied on the make magazine blog, a seller of PVC fittings in odd configurations (four way tees, for example) and halfway reasonable prices.

UV stabilized, even.
www formufit com
Thanks for the tips, unclesam. I've been struggling getting my reflectors drilled straight.
That looks like a great way to hold the elements down, newb_ant.
What made you decide to use the copper tubing as reflectors? (Not making any judgement, just curious.)
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