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I have used "Krylon fusion" on coroplast on my model airplanes around 3 years ago and still in the same shape as when painted. The difference is that the planes are under the sun only when I fly them, the antenna is to be exposed to the elements all the time.
Anyhow, Krylon fusion is made specifically to paint plastics.
Here is some info I've got from their website:

"The revolutionary no-prep, superbond Fusion for Plastic® now makes painting plastic possible.

* No sanding or priming required
* Bonds easily to most plastics, PVC, resin and more
* Fast dry; fully chip resistant after 7 days
* Features EZ Touch 360® Dial Spray Tip

Dry to Touch
15 minutes
Dry to Handle
1 hour

For use with
Wood, Metal, Wicker, Wrought Iron, Plastic, Hard Vinyl, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache. "

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Just a warning note about using ABS for structural parts that I've mentioned many times before - hopefully what you're planning to use is the thick walled stuff that has little or no flex. If you go to Rona or Lowe's or Home Depot and shake a 10 foot ABS pipe like a sword it flexes a lot. ;) It seems to be rigid, but its not. If you shake a length of PVC like that it will seem like a wet noodle, so avoid using PVC for structural use either, except when recommended in build plans.

From experience I'm clarifying that ABS should never be used as a pole or mast, and it should be carefully considered if you're thinking of using it as a horizontal boom of any length more than a meter or a few feet.
As many of you already know I have used square 2 1/4"X2 1/4" PVC gutter pipe. What I am trying to say is that no all PVC is equal. I have lined the interior of the gutter pipe with 1/2" ply with gave it extra strengh and made it easier to attach all the antenna parts to it. Based on the description found at Home Hardware:
"- Won't rust, chip, dent, peel, corrode or leak
- It stands up to winter ice and snow, salt air, desert heat and heating cables
- Easy to work with, maintenance-free and lightweight
- Never needs painting"

I am all for the square Vynil gutter pipe.

On top of all the benefits of using the square PVC gutter pipe I was pleasently surprise when I read on the sticker....... Made in Canada..Fait au Canada..... It has been a while since the last time I have seen a Made in Canada sticker on a product........ Everything seems to say China,
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