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Please see posts 1, 27, 28 of this thread to which your posts were moved. There are also instructions on the Bell website. For any new remote you usually have to programme in the appropriate code for the TV for the remote to control it, or use the scan method to find the appropriate code for the TV.

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Edit by 57. Please see posts 1, 27, 28 of this thread for basic instructions. If you need more, please read the operating manual for your STB since it also has instructions for the remote. If you still have issues, feel free to post here.

See also the following regarding UHF remotes:

BellTV Remote Control Discussions - Please read Post 1

Need to program remote for your TV ?
These usually work
1- press and hold top tv button till all 4 light light up
2- enter code from the table in the manual
3- press #

Remote will flash 3 times ....done

Popular codes
Sony 500
Sanyo 683
Samsung 516
Jvc 557
Citizen 720
Daewoo 719
Hitachi 585

Perform a device scan to test all codes:
All other tv's ( while tv is on )
1-Press and hold top tv button till all 4 light light up
2-Press (tap) the scroll up button repeatedly til tv shuts off and press one more time
3-Press (tap) the scroll down button one or twice slowly to get tv to go back on.
4- press the # button and remote will flash 3 times... done

Vcr is the same method.
Thank you. This is and was the first and only time that I have had to put in the 516 code for the Samsung. It has always worked just by using the Bell Receiver default # 1 as it automatically set the TV power, volume, and mute. I did as suggested and now they are working. Granted I have been through several receivers and my Samsung is a 10 year old 50 inch plasma that is still just like the day I bought it. It just refuses to die and let me buy a new one. Thanks again, all is now good.
641 - 642 of 642 Posts