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Why is BellMTS treating their Hotspots so shabbily?

Incident 1: In a restaurant on Portage Ave west, I tried to access wifi from the advertised Hotspot, without success. I phoned tech support to report the problem. The tech said I needed to turn on the hotspot feature of my phone. I told her that was an entirely different function, but she insisted, so I did it. Of course, that didn't help. The restaurant owner showed me the router on the ceiling, and that the light was not the right colour for a functioning router. I asked the tech support person to enter the fault in records so that it could be repaired, but she said only the restaurant owner could report a fault with the router.

Incident 2: Tried to access a Hotspot near Ferry Rd & Portage Ave. In pre-Bell days, if you were an MTS customer, your phone would automatically connect. Now validation is required. They say they will send you a validation number by text. I waited 20 minutes, and didn't receive one. Tried again, and this time I got a validation number right away. Why make this so difficult?

Dave S.
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