Bell TV this week began rolling out new firmware - version 185 - for the company's popular 9242 dual tuner HD PVR which the company says fixes the problem of IR interference from other devices.

Select HD PVR owners began receiving the update automatically on Wednesday and all 9242 users should receive it by the end of this weekend.

The problem of IR interference first began two weeks ago when Bell TV released firmware version 184 (V184).

After V184 was released, Bell TV 9242 owners began complaining that their HD PVR was exhibiting strange behaviour such as randomly changing channels, the PVR recording shows on its own and much more.

Bell support staff originally attributed the problem to an ambient light sensor technology used in Sony LCD televisions that was causing the HD PVR to think remote controls keys were being pressed by the PVR owner; however, further investigation has found the problem arose with other makes of television.

Early reports from 9242 owners yesterday and today suggest the problem has been fixed but it won't be known for sure until all HD PVRs have been updated.

In addition to fixing the problem of IR interference, firmware V185 also includes the following updates found in V184:
  • internet connectivity for ordering Pay-per-view (PPV) programs;
  • internet connectivity for remote access feature expected to launch around Feb 12th;
  • Support for external hard drives up to 1.5TB;
  • a grouping feature on the external drive that creates new folders when more than one episode of a show is archived;
  • a bug fix to help users that had difficulty accessing their external hard drives when they were almost full;
  • highlighting of name of favourites for easier identification;
  • a new Self Serve menu option that provides users with an on demand ordering option and a portal to various interactive applications;
  • and minor bug fixes.

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