Effective September 16th 2010, Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television provider Bell TV is expected to launch "On Demand," a new video on demand type service.

Complete details of how the system will work have still not been announced, however, Digital Home has learned that Bell TV customers will be presented with a selection of newly released HD movie titles in an On Demand menu.

Once the customer selects a video title, the customer will be charged $6.99 for each HD movie ordered and will have unlimited access to the movie for between 24 and 48 hours.

Insiders tell Digital Home the service, which will be available in English and French will be limited to ten newly released HD movies at a time and only Bell TV customers with HD PVR MPEG-4 receiver models (9241 and 9242) will have access to the service (Nimiq 2 installation is required)

To facilitate the change, Bell will be issuing a new software update to all 9241 and 9242 receivers today. The 9241 receiver will be updated to version 237 while the 9242 will be updated to version 187.

In addition to enabling the new on demand service, the new software will also enable support for 2TB external hard drives and resolves the previous issue where some customers could not access interactive television applications.

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