Without fanfare, Bell TV this week began rolling out new firmware for the company's popular 9242 dual tuner HD PVR which introduces internet connectivity, support for larger external hard drives and other minor bug fixes.

Firmware V184 began rolling out on Wednesday and should be available to all 9242 owners by the end of next week.

New features include: support for external hard drives up to 1.5TB; a grouping feature on the external drive that creates new folders when more than one episode of a show is archived; a bug fix to help users that had difficulty accessing their external hard drives when they were almost full; internet connectivity for ordering Pay-per-view (PPV) programs; highlighting of name of favourites for easier identification; a new Self Serve menu option that provides users with an on demand ordering option and a portal to various interactive applications; and minor bug fixes.

Bell representatives tell Digital Home readers that all 9242 users should have the new upgrade by the end of next week and that owners of Bell's 9241 HD PVR can expect a similar update in coming weeks. Firmware upgrades are typically staggered, in order that the company can deal with any additional call volume resulting from the update.

Digital Forum members who have received the update suggest the upgraded firmware is working properly without any problems.

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