One of the greatest frustrations of operating a website is the theft of your intellectual property. Almost every day I find articles stolen from the Digital Home website and pasted onto blogs and forums.

Most times plagiarists simply cut and paste our complete articles and place it on their own sites and call it their own. In rare circumstances, some websites will go to significant lengths to hide the fact they are stealing our material, however,  regardless of whether it’s a cut and paste or word manipulation, there is Digital Home or most websites can do to stop piracy.

Interestingly one company that has had multi-million problem with piracy over the last ten years is Bell TV - formerly known as Bell ExpressVu.

In the last five years, Bell has spent millions of dollars introducing new signal encryption systems in an effort to thwart FTA (Free to Air satellite television) pirates from stealing its satellite television signals.

Bell is a company which I thought would have great disdain for intellectual property theft therefore it was with considerable surprise that I have recently found a multiplicity of satellite piracy sites sporting a wealth of Bell TV advertising.

This came to my attention when I recently stumbled across a stolen Digital Home article on a website which advocates satellite piracy through the use of FTA receivers. Not only was the site stealing Digital Home content but was also linking to our images which caused an increased load on our servers every time someone clicked on a stolen article.

While investigating the plagiarized article, I was surprised to see a Bell TV advertisement front and center on the page! While browsing the site, I found thirty or forty articles stolen from Digital Home. As I raged about our stolen content, I became even more angry when I found that virtually every page containing a stolen article also contained a Bell TV ad. Many even contained Rogers HD ads and Sony Style ads!

Upon further investigation,  I found Bell TV, Rogers cable and SonyStyle ads on a Montreal based FTA website which solicits users for $200 or $300 in order to learn how to use something called "IKS technology" to steal television signals.

For the record, Digital Home has zero tolerance for intellectual property theft. Our rules explicitly forbid the discussion of how to pirate satellite or cable signals or discussion of how to engage in illegal activities such as software and music piracy.

-- Hugh Thompson Digital Home Blog

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