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New Channels always generate a lot of discussion so this thread is for discussing new channels in 2011.

You're welcome to speculate and discuss new channels coming to Bell TV in 2011 but PLEASE unless it's been confirmed by an official press release, be clear about what is speculation and what is fact.

A post saying "a CSR said it was coming" is NOT official, however, it does put it in the "highly" likely category.

If its posted on the CRTC site that its been approved by the CRTC but Bell TV has not said anything, I would consider that in the "not very likely at this time" category.

Replaces Bell TV (ExpressVu) 2010 New Channels Discussion

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To keep the discussion going, let's (again) list the channels that are offered by Bell competitors that are not found on Bell. Hopefully, some of these will actually make the "2011 New Channels" list!

Going from memory (ok, I added more after looking at Rogers), quote and add if you know more...

Bold HD
Movietime HD
Speed HD
History HD
HD Net
MFun! HD
Big Ten Network HD
CBS College Sports HD
Nasa HD

After typing this (and I believe there are more), I realize, again, that Bell is slipping behind rapidly. They need to start using MPEG4 sooner than later.

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Looks like bell has re added Channels 271 and 272 for 2011. Both currently say off air.
271 free preview
272 New channels
both these channels were never up to date when were on the guide in 2010.

I stand corrected channel 271 list 3 Hockey games that will be shown in 3D two of which have already been shown.

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Again based on my contacts....

Spike HD is still in the plans but no date...
Family HD and YTV HD around January 12th

Thats it for now...

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It's always interesting to hear your "news", hsantos, and hopefully at least some new HD channels will indeed be added. (I was not even aware of the two channels you mentioned having HD plans, and your announcement is a bit surprising) I am still eagerly awaiting History HD and Movietime HD, but wonder if that will ever happen. (My former provider, Eastlink, just added those to their lineup)

By the way, jayoldschool, we DO have MFun! HD, and perhaps I need to check and see if it might have been removed in the past day or so. It has always been there for me.

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I like the quotes on "news" ;)

Personally, I don't think Spike HD is coming. No other Canadian carriers have it, correct? Doubt that Bell will lead the way, when they are clearly content to go with an "also ran" status.

Yes, my mistake! We have MFun. I was thinking of MFest (which I am not sure if there is an HD feed).

I gave the wrong channel for CBS College Sports Network HD. It should be channel 1432.
1432 also does not appear in my "All Chan". Goes from 1428 to 1436.

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Here is the list of missing HD channels French and English....


CBLFT-DT Toronto
CBVT-DT Quebec City
CFCM HD Quebec City
CHLT HD Sherbrooke
CFAP HD Quebec City
CFKS HD Sherbrooke
MusiMax HD
MusiquePlus HD
Planète HD
Yoopa HD


CBOT-DT Ottawa
CFCF HD Montreal
CJOH HD Ottawa
CFRN HD Edmonton
Global CKND-DT Winnipeg
CITV-DT Edmonton
CKVU-DT Vancouver
CKAL-DT Calgary
CKEM-DT Edmonton
CFMT-DT Toronto
CJMT-DT Toronto
CHNM-DT Vancouver
CHCH-DT Toronto
Big Ten Network HD
bold HD
Encore Avenue HD (west)
History Television HD
HLN (TV channel) HD
Movie Central 2 HD (west)
MovieTime HD
NFL Network HD
Speed HD
TVOntario HD
Wild TV HD

There you go... Feel free to use it on post #1..

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@SpykeYs, you can probably add Global CKND-DT Winnipeg to the list of missing channels. It went live in Dec. 2010 and is carried by the local cable and telco.
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