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Bell Service Cancellation/issues (long story)

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Hey everyone,

I have a someone long story about Bell and would love your input.

Awhile back my parents opted to switch from Rogers to Bell, and Bell had put us on a 10mb download plan. I noticed some serious internet issues a couple months in where i needed to restart my modem intermittently because my signal would degrade and the reboot was the only way to fix it.
I called tech support and the rep told me he had done something that would fix it. Needless to say, that didn't work.

That was a couple months ago, I didn't have time to call back and troubleshoot it. I decided to do some speed tests and noticed that my connection was hitting around 4.5-5.5 down constantly, but i chalked it up to just not having full signal strength because of congestion or what have you. Anyways, we opted to just switch over to the Fibe 16, and a gentleman offered a $5 credit for the duration of our contract which i haven't seen. After the first day of installation our connection was at 10mb down and faster than ever before, the following days it had degraded all the way to 0.5 mb down :eek:

I spent the next 2 weeks talking to techs, and one finally came up with the right answer, telling me that the maximum service in our area on a stable connection is 5mb download, anything more would degrade significantly as i had been seeing, and that i should call back in a couple months to see about an upgrade in our area.

Needless to say I was not happy, and realized that the whole duration of 10 mb down was never fulfilled.

Recently i chose to move my services over to Rogers, but they're saying i'm still under contract, do i have any grounds to cancel without ECF given my situation? I feel like the fact that I signed up for a 10 mb service plan and no one told me that i could only have a max of 5 (even after technicians onsite and offsite had tried to help me) was a breach of the contract in itself.

Sorry for the long story.

Thank you for the replies.
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Instead of starting a new thread, thought I would add to this one.

On September 20th I called Bell to cancel my internet service. After many failed attempts on their part trying to convince me to stay (they couldn't compete on price for same service and I felt I had been over paying for quite some time) they "allowed" me to cancel the service 30 days from then - October 20th.

Over the course of the month, we received many calls from the retentions department asking us to reconsider. I told them it was too little too late and left it at that.

Fast forward to yesterday when I receive my bill for internet service which states the billing period was to end November 3rd... I thought this was odd so I called them today. Guess what, the service wasn't cancelled and they could find no record of a cancellation request. They claim to have no records of anyone contacting me and the ref # I was supplied is supposedly not valid.

How can they have messed it up this bad?? For the record, I'm not crazy as my spouse was sitting in the same room with me for most of this saga and I confirmed with her I had called in Sept. :)

So, long story short they offered to cancel my service effective immediately for a $5 fee! I laughed at that and kept asking to speak to a superior until I got what I wanted. Cancellation back dated to Oct. 20th and NO EXTRA charges.

I was assured repeatedly before hanging up this wasn't how they do business.
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