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Bell Service Cancellation/issues (long story)

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Hey everyone,

I have a someone long story about Bell and would love your input.

Awhile back my parents opted to switch from Rogers to Bell, and Bell had put us on a 10mb download plan. I noticed some serious internet issues a couple months in where i needed to restart my modem intermittently because my signal would degrade and the reboot was the only way to fix it.
I called tech support and the rep told me he had done something that would fix it. Needless to say, that didn't work.

That was a couple months ago, I didn't have time to call back and troubleshoot it. I decided to do some speed tests and noticed that my connection was hitting around 4.5-5.5 down constantly, but i chalked it up to just not having full signal strength because of congestion or what have you. Anyways, we opted to just switch over to the Fibe 16, and a gentleman offered a $5 credit for the duration of our contract which i haven't seen. After the first day of installation our connection was at 10mb down and faster than ever before, the following days it had degraded all the way to 0.5 mb down :eek:

I spent the next 2 weeks talking to techs, and one finally came up with the right answer, telling me that the maximum service in our area on a stable connection is 5mb download, anything more would degrade significantly as i had been seeing, and that i should call back in a couple months to see about an upgrade in our area.

Needless to say I was not happy, and realized that the whole duration of 10 mb down was never fulfilled.

Recently i chose to move my services over to Rogers, but they're saying i'm still under contract, do i have any grounds to cancel without ECF given my situation? I feel like the fact that I signed up for a 10 mb service plan and no one told me that i could only have a max of 5 (even after technicians onsite and offsite had tried to help me) was a breach of the contract in itself.

Sorry for the long story.

Thank you for the replies.
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DSL is sold on the premise that its an UP TO service so that is where they have themselves covered.
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