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Just a note about the $3 Bell Service Area charge that applies to certain 'rural areas'. If you use the online check at where you enter your postal code you get one answer. Yet when you call in to Bell to change your service, you find you may get a different answer.

I just checked today and online I shouldn't have a service area charge, but when I called in to cancel our Caller Id because of the increase, I asked if I switched to one of the 'home' plans, would a service area charge apply. Answer, yes. So no real saving to switch to bell home plan or other bundled service because the extra $3 (that I don't pay right now) would cancel out most of the saving.

Also finding more and more frequent caller id spoofing from spammers (current one is using the TD Canada Trust call back line to try to phish for information) and most callers come up 'caller id unknown' so why pay more for information that is more and more becoming less reliable or not available.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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