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Bell says it will stop throttling 3rd party internet connection (now everyone)

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Based on the story referenced in this closed thread:, it appears that Bell will "...withdraw the shaping of P2P traffic on the companies’ networks, with regards to both retail and wholesale traffic,” Bell said a letter from Bell to regulators"

I didn't know Bell was applying this to its own customers as well as wholesalers.

Why wait until March 1? Why not stop throttling today?
Probably because they have to get all their new facilities up and running. New Network facilities take time to build and test.
It's a good PR move but not sure if most customers will even notice since most are not big P2P users and many P2P users simply have shifted to off prime to get around the throttling.

I think most customers are far more concerned about their bandwidth cap than they are about bandwidth throttling.
Bell customers will notice the price increases, lowered caps and increased overage charges. The CRTC gave Bell a gift by telling them to solve their network problems with financial remedies. That was the green light to start gouging customers across the board. Didn't Canada already have one of the slowest and most expensive internet services of developed countries before this all started?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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