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Bell says it will stop throttling 3rd party internet connection (now everyone)

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Interesting development. I wonder how much of this is due to a fundamental change in Bell's thinking and how much is due to competition from cable internet services. Judging from recent events, there appears to be a large shift toward TSI cable internet, an unthrottled service. Maybe Bell has seen the writing on the wall and is responding to maintain wholesale market share.
If Bell's statements were 100% correct, they would be eliminating throttling and data caps on their own retail services. There is no indication that they are doing so.

Another reason for the change might be political. It became obvious this year that the current federal government will not allow Bell to interfere with third party internet customers. (Whatever became of UBB anyway?) The most recent action by Bell removes another contentious issue from it's dealings with independent ISPs.

Bell is also wholesaling Fibe to independent ISPs so there is a move toward offering higher speeds through those channels. Again, I've got to wonder if Bell in simply doing so to prevent attrition due to higher speed third party cable internet offerings.
Yes. I read both. I just have a different opinion about Bell's motivation for the changes.
Bell customers will notice the price increases, lowered caps and increased overage charges. The CRTC gave Bell a gift by telling them to solve their network problems with financial remedies. That was the green light to start gouging customers across the board. Didn't Canada already have one of the slowest and most expensive internet services of developed countries before this all started?
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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