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Hello. I am a new member of the forums, although I have used these forums in the past for information and usually found what I was looking for. This time, I haven’t, so it’s time for me to join and post….

I am a new resident of Gibsons, BC. As a previous Shaw Cable subscriber (Alberta and BC), I am not particularly impressed with what I am getting from Coast Cable (EastLink), in particular the number of available HD channels is disappointing. I am now considering a switch to Bell Satellite (Telus OPTIK isn’t available here). I've heard and read about the various potential 'issues' with satellite (rain, snow), but I'm looking for actual user input. So, if you live on the Sunshine Coast (or Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland) and subscribe to Bell Satellite service, I want to hear from you. Please let me know what types of weather actually cause interference, and for how long. I pretty much get the snow on the dish issue, but feel free to mention it if it is truly an issue for you.

Please include the following with your post:
- your location (town, city, etc)
- whether your installation was professional or self
- how often over the last 6 months you've experienced any reception issues

I'm not interested in a discussion of who has better channel offerings (I'm capable of doing that on my own), just interested in reception issues.

(Yes, this does seem familiar....I've had to re-post and re-word in order to keep within forum rules....)
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