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Bell officially launches Fibe TV in parts of Toronto and Montreal

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for the record Bell today announced the launch of Bell Fibe TV, its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service, in select Toronto and Montréal neighbourhoods.

Bell says it plans to have the service available to almost five million Canadian households by the end of 2015.

Nothing new in today's launch that you don't already know.
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In regards of my post:

Next Step in Toronto:
Adelaide + Donlands + Eglinton + Ridelle + Islington + Simcoe = February 2011

Here's the CO NAME for each:

I never said it was official. Im just getting this from someone inside that
is informed weekly about the evolution of the project. Maybe its ready but not yet in operation.

I posted the info so people are informed of the deployment and are not expecting too much since more of the action will take place in 2011.

Regarding the demo, I know they had some kind of special setup yes the CO
is almost ready but not yet for the public. And communication is not always clear.

Just be patient... and sorry If I mislead people. But I trust my source.
And will share more If I have.
@Dr.Dave Great Job!

Here's some updates:

Toronto FEB 2011
Toroon06 (Eglington) + Toroon03 (Donlands) + Toroon01 (Adelaide) + Toroon07 (Ridelle)
+ Toroon27 (Simcoe) + Toroon46 (Don Mills) = Rdy > 80%
Toroon47 (Finch)+ Toroon48 (Ernest) + Toroon44 (Bellevue)= Rdy > 50%

Quebec FEB 2011
MTRLPQ19 (CDN) + MTRLPQ29 (St-Michel)= Rdy > 80%
MTRLPQ30 (MTL-N) + MTRLPQ23 (Dudemaine) = Rdy > 20%
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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