A recent assessment done by PCMag has named Bell Mobility top in Canada in the fourth annual Fastest Mobile Networks Canada ranking.

In order to find out who truly has the fastest mobile network in the country, PCMag sent six drivers to 20 major cities. The drivers compared the speed of networks using the same software on the same devices at the same times over three weeks in July and August, reports the Financial Post.

The test ranked providers based on a variety of elements included download speeds, upload speeds, ping time and reliability.

The fastest mobile network speeds in Canada were found to be in Kitchener, Ont., with 100 Mbps. The middle-ranked city was Montreal (Videotron) with 48 Mbps, and Winnipeg (Bell) was at the bottom of the pile with 32 Mbps.

While reports have been quick to point out that Canada’s mobile speeds are at times twice as fast as the average speeds in the U.S, it is true that speeds in both countries vary widely depending on region.

It could be argued that Canadians are paying more for their mobile networks than Americans because the service Canadians receive is of higher quality than that offered in the U.S, but it is also true that many areas in the United States currently offer comparable mobile service, or better in terms of features for price, for much cheaper.