Bell today released the NetGear MBR 1210 Turbo Hub, a high speed wireless hotpsot which allows up to 15 devices to connect to the internet via Bell Mobility's HSPA+ mobile network.

To use, just plug the Hub into a power outlet and then connect your computer, smartphone, iPad or other device to the hub via WiFi or Ethernet.

The new hub is an upgrade from the Ericsson model currently offered by Bell because it allows users who have signed up for Bell Mobility's premium Speed boost data plan to connect to the internet with download speeds up to a theoretical maximum of 21 Mbps.

That's up from the a theoretical maximum of 7.2 Mbps using the Ericsson Turbo hub which Bell has offered for the last six months and will continue to offer for customers who don't need the faster and more expensive option.

Bell admits the 21 Mbps is simply a theoretical maximum and that users are more likely to achieve average download speeds of about 3.5-8 Mbps, significantly less than 21 Mbps advertised but still about twice the average speed 2-4 Mbps that can be achieved with the Ericsson hub.

The Netgear 21 Mbps capable Turbo Hub is available now from Bell for $300 with discounts for customers signing up to a new contract. Data plans for the Turbo Hub range start at $35 per month, however, in order to boost download speeds beyond what the Ericsson models are capable of, Netgear buyers will have to spend an additional $10 per month for Bell's speed boost option.

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