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I was wondering if anyone had issues with their internet conection this past weekend (March 26th-27th). Actually my issues started before that. I noticed that on thursday I was being kicked off the Playstation Network due to loss of big deal as it would normally go back online. Then friday when I got home I could not log into the PSN nor browse the internet, my Fibe TV though was working fine, which it normally is not when my modem crashes or I lose internet.

So i called Bell on friday around 7pm and explained what was going on, by about 830pm they finally told me they didnt know what to tell me and a technician would call me back within 1 hour. Obviously no one called me back on friday. So i called back on Saturday and again they told me they were not sure what was going on, and that someone would call me before 9pm...obviosuly no one called me on Saturday so I called back on Sunday morning and the CSR told me that there appeared to be a general issue going on in my area (north york) and that Bell was working on it and should have everything up working within 48hours (from saturday).

My internet is apparently not working any better right now, so I was wondering if anyone has any insight or is going through the same thing or has any news.

On friday, saturday, sunday I basically couldnt browse the internet, at most I could open google after about a 5 minute load time or another page would take about 10 minutes to open...most of the time I get error messages saying "timed out", when i was able to run a speed test (I tried many times and only managed to get 1 result, the rest of the time it timed out in error) the result I got back was 0.05MB per sec, I normally get 6mbs give or take.

Fibe Tv has not has any issues however.
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