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I just want to rant right now.

I have been a customer with Bell for over 30 years and have put up with their terrible customer support, but at the moment I'm fuming!!!!

I always dread calling them as I'm guaranteed to get some bumbling idiot. I start of nice but after hours I lose my cool. Today is no exception.

This time I know there is a problem with port forwarding which is way above anyones head and being in firmware hardware design of Nortels Spectrum product line I know what I'm talking about. My simple problem, I can ssh between many of my Pi's but no longer from the outside WAN address with a simple port forwarding rule of 1:1.

Here's my call log
#1 The guy is very nice, he understands that port forwarding is over his head, he talks to his supervisor who intern allows him to pass me onto second level support. So far so good, except that he passes me incorrectly and the call drops.
#2 Surprisingly I get the same guy. He apologizes, gives me the number that he is transferring me to just in case it happens again. Sure enough, the call drops.
#3 I call the number the fella gave me. I get someone who every time I say Port Forwarding he starts talking about Call forwarding. I ask to speak to second level support and he puts me on hold forever and the call drops.
#4. This time I'm getting frustrated. When I call Bell, the person says he does not have any record of my calls and will not put me through to second level support and insists on trying to help me, but when I ask him if he knows anything about Port forwarding he says that's what I'm here to help you with, just explain the problem to me. I ask to speak to his manager. His manager will not come on the line. I insist to speak to his manager. His manager says that while Port forwarding is part of the HH3000, they do not support it and I ask them then to send me a new HH3000 she says no, the because it will just be the same. She knows better and refuses to do anything to help me.

I can tell you that at no time did I curse or swear, you could tell I was mad and I have every right to be.

Tell me please why do we put up with this crap!!! I pay over $200 a month for all my services with Bell and this is what I get.

Disgusted customer,
John Talbot
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