Digital Home has been informed that Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television provider Bell TV is expected to announce a new high definition personal video recorder in coming months.

The news has not been officially confirmed, however, Bell TV dealers who have been briefed on the new satellite set top box tell Digital Home it will be branded the model 9252 HD PVR.

Since Bell has not officially announced the new receivers, Digital Home is unable to provide readers with specific information about the new receivers, however, because Bell purchases their receivers from Echostar - the company that owns Dish Network in the United States - Digital Home suspects the replacement HD PVR may be a Bell TV branded version of the recently released Dish Network VIP 922 PVR.

The Dish Network VIP 922 was first announced by Echostar at CES this past January and went on-sale in the U.S. earlier this month for $649. The HD PVR features MPEG-4 decoding technology, integrated Slingbox functionality, a 1 Terabyte hard drive capable of storing approximately 100 hours of HD programming, external hard drive capabilities, and Ethernet connectivity.

Digital Home will post complete details and pricing information when the new receiver is formally announced.

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