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Bell doubles max charge for DSL overage.

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Hearing colleagues have received email informing them that the max overage is going from $30 to $60, effective Jan 2011.

OMG @ Bell's inaptly named "Performance" Internet plan:

Ontario - 25GB of usage per month; $2.00/additional GB, (max. $60/mo.),
Québec - 60GB of usage per month; $2.50/additional GB, (max. $60/mo.)

Nice that Bell waited for the UBB green-light before sticking in the latest knife.
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Just recieved this mail too. It's unbelievable. I have fibe internet and fibe TV.
I use a lot of gigabytes every month and was getting used to pay 30$ for it... but 60$? Come on, what do they think of their customers!

On the mail I got they tell me I can cancel my account... I don't know if I will, but if I do they will lose an internet AND tv customer since they can't provide bell fibe TV without internet.

I'm clearly disgusted.
Called them today acting as if I was about to cancel tv and internet, but it appears they can't do anything.

The worst being the woman I had on the phone was discovering this info with me, and asked me to read the letter I recieved. She understood why I wanted to cancel everything since I would pay much more in january...
My point is not I'm judging the fact that bell is billing overage... I knew it when I subscribed to their fibe offer.

My point is I have a contract, and they change it, just because they want it, and there's nothing I can do except changing ISP. That's what makes me sick.

And what I do with my internet connection, even if I want to use it A LOT, is not bell's problem. If they didn't want someone to be able to use it as they want, they should have done like videotron : they don't have a max charge for overage.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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