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Bell doubles max charge for DSL overage.

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Hearing colleagues have received email informing them that the max overage is going from $30 to $60, effective Jan 2011.

OMG @ Bell's inaptly named "Performance" Internet plan:

Ontario - 25GB of usage per month; $2.00/additional GB, (max. $60/mo.),
Québec - 60GB of usage per month; $2.50/additional GB, (max. $60/mo.)

Nice that Bell waited for the UBB green-light before sticking in the latest knife.
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Maybe Bell will double the cap at the same time! loll Yeah like they ever do THAT! Bell do offer a 40Gb extra insurance plan for $5! Since I got it I never busted my new 100Gb cap. I can't believe how much Ontarian are getting the shaft at 25Gb!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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