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Bell doubles max charge for DSL overage.

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Hearing colleagues have received email informing them that the max overage is going from $30 to $60, effective Jan 2011.

OMG @ Bell's inaptly named "Performance" Internet plan:

Ontario - 25GB of usage per month; $2.00/additional GB, (max. $60/mo.),
Québec - 60GB of usage per month; $2.50/additional GB, (max. $60/mo.)

Nice that Bell waited for the UBB green-light before sticking in the latest knife.
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So with fibre tv you get a tv bandwidth cap???? Can u get fibre tv without internet?
nothing wrong with there fair share. just when you double a price like that its an attach on consumers that subscribe to netflix as well as those who do not!

So in order for them to smother out affordable tv options they penalize all of us...

bottom line is bell gets more then there fair share now. alot more.. now they are doubling there fair share...
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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