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Bell doesn't seem to want FibeTV customers!

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Bell sure must not want new business.

I spent 2 hours trying to order the new FibeTV service.

But sadly I was not able to.

I located in Toronto, in major area, I am only 1 minute walk from the local CO.

I have amazing FibeINTERNET service since the start, with solid 27meg down and 8meg up, with line tests showing 97meg down possible (since I am stone throw from the CO!)

But sadly "Customer Service" is almost IMPOSSIBLE trying to get FibeTV order, I said 90% of them don't even know what you talking about, the other 10% spent the most of the time transfering from line to line, asking for info, confirming info, and in the end giving you some for sure MAKE UP story to get you off the phone.

Here is the three basic stories I been getting from the 10% that know I ordering the new FibeTV service, the rest I just have to hang-up on and call again.

Story #1:

You need to be existing BellTV customer, the new FibeTV service is only available for those wishing to upgrade, and remove the DISH.

(I went as far as possible with this story, ordering the whole DISH setup, and getting an install date for the DISH tech, but cancel everything because I could not get confimed DATE for the switch to remove the DISH and go with FibeTV service)

Story #2:

To be able to get FibeTV, you need have a "dry-loop" installed, and your line must be able to handle the 25meg internet service already, we need to send out a "tech" to confirm that is possible, no problem, I explain I been a Fibe25 customer since GTA launch in Feb. 2010, and never have a line-drop or problem with the service. -- No problem, CS explains but TV is different service, we need to see if you can handle the new system, the call ends with the "fact again, I am not existing TV customer, so they can get a "tech" to confirm that I can have service, unless I become a TV customer first. (See STORY #1, get DISH first!)

Story #3

Great, I go thru the whole setup, give them mine ID, SIN #, do a credit check, confirm I can get service, have 2 TV's I wish to setup, order one PVR, another receiver, and ok $100 security deposit for the rental equipment, agree to 2-years, so no rental charges on PVR, but then I end with the call, when I get transfered because my DRY-LOOP line is not able to handle BOTH the FibeTV and Fibe25, if I wish to get TV, I would have DOWNGRADE my INTERNET service to either 6meg or 12meg with only ONE TV, even tho my "line-test" shows I am less 500meters from the CO, and can get 60meg or higher service.


So that is my END, I guess Rogers is stuck with me, I was hoping to switch over to Bell, as the Bell Fibe Internet has been alot better then my Rogers internet was, and the picture quailty on Rogers Cable is next to NIL now, there is way to many loose cable wires, illegal splitters on my building and what not, so I was hoping to be able to switch to Bell totally. -- I guess I stuck with looking for a HDTV Rabbit Ear setup now!

If anyone has any luck becoming a FibeTV customer in Toronto, I would love to here about it. -- I used up every number there is to call and become a customer.

1-866-269-8009 (the website number, but noone knows)
1-866-797-8686 (the old IPTV number, but you end with a story)
1-866-247-5703 (beats me, but sometimes they were helpful)
1-866-635-8375 (they claim to do the test to see if you are able)
1-866-230-2481 (seems to be internal, don't want to talk to you)

Good Luck People.
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Wow, quite the story or in this case stories!
Yep, sure is, the funny thing after spending over 2 hours on the phone trying to become a FibeTV customer.

I got a call back from Bell, this time 1-866-585-1887 on my cell phone, about 45 minutes after my last phone call trying to order this new FibeTV service.

And the funny thing is the recording wanted me to find out a survey, on how my "customer service experience" was, and if I was happy with my new order, etc.

Of course I picked the "worse level" for all the automated questions, since I was NOT happy at all with their system.

I had a better overall talk with the automated "feedback" computer then I had with all the "human" bell customer sales/order people.

Still hoping to at some point to become a BellTV customer, as my cable picture is getting worse and worse everyday, all the Fifa players look totally fussy now.
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The initial FibeTV rollout is out of the Main St. CO in Toronto and that is the ONLY CO right now. They will expand the rollout in the coming months to all of 416 exchange. I don't know exactly where the Main St. CO is but it is near downtown.

So even if you have the 25M service in Toronto today does not mean you can get the FibeTV service today. It's coming but you will just have to be patient.
I am near that first CO you mentioned, it is only 1 minute walk to me.

I was one of the very first Fibe25 customers, in awe & shock to all my Toronto friends, but now because of that I can only dream of FibeTV.

That's why, when Bell added their new FibeTV website, and added PRESS 1 to order FibeTV on their automated call center lines, I started to phone to order it, as I love their Fibe25 service.

But it seems after a number of more calls to them, and already reported by some others that have gotten the FibeTV service ordered over at "broadband reports", that you can either have APPLEs or GRAPEs but not both.

#1: You can get new APPLE package with Fibe6 with FibeTV, and you get way more then 6meg internet when you TV's are turned off, and the promo package for the new FibeTV give you the internet for FREE as a bonus, since you are just paying for the TV package.

#2: Or you can stay with your GRAPE package and enjoy wonderful Fibe25 Internet, and do all your so-so TV watching by downloading soon to be illegal captures of your TV shows from underground Torrent sites.

But you can't have both, and like me since I am already a Fibe25 customer is seems I been LOCKED out from the computer to order FibeTV, if I pick my next-door neigorhour house number, they can order Fibe6 with FibeTV, but can't order my Fibe25 service.

I guess I going to drill thru the drywall, and he is going to feed me a wire thru the hole and loan my his FibeTV service box to use on my TV, and I going to feed him my ethernet wire so he can use my Fibe25 internet on his PC.

A good trade, since we are only "inch" apart due to the drywall, but a "billion miles" apart due to Bell's crazy database computer which I think is being controlled by Rogers so Bell does not steal all their customers, I am sure there is some type of "bandhanded" kickback deal between the two rivals now.
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Interesting. So it sound as if when you order FIBETV, you can only get FIBE6 internet. Based on this, it would seem that they can only allocate approximately 25Mb, so they get you to sign up for FIBE6, and then FIBETV gives you another 19Mb. I was wondering about this part of it.

EDIT: I was just reading about this , and this seems to be what someone else is saying. When you sign up for FIBETV, they essentially make you sign up for FIBE6 (and this is the only FIBE internet service you can get along with FIBETV). You are however are not necessarily limited to 6Mb, so my guess is they configure the port you are connected to for what speeed you need, and in this case, ends up being about 25Mb in total.

The only drawback with this, is FIBE6 only comes with 25Gb download for internet (TV viewing doesn't count towards this number), but you can get the bandwidth insurance plans on top of it, OR Bell apparently maxes out at $30 for additional usage.
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Story #3

Great, I go thru the whole setup, give them mine ID, SIN #, do a credit check, confirm I can get service, have 2 TV's I wish to setup, order one PVR, another receiver, and ok $100 security deposit for the rental equipment, agree to 2-years, so no rental charges on PVR, but then I end with the call, when I get transfered because my DRY-LOOP line is not able to handle BOTH the FibeTV and Fibe25, if I wish to get TV, I would have DOWNGRADE my INTERNET service to either 6meg or 12meg with only ONE TV, even tho my "line-test" shows I am less 500meters from the CO, and can get 60meg or higher service.
Not to troll the post, and not to derail the thread, but perhaps it may be a good opportunity to remind people who may be ordering this service that no one other than a representative from a government office has the authority to ask you for your SIN number. You should not be handing this piece of information to Bell/Telus/Rogers or anybody for that matter.
Kudos on the SIN#. In fact, I'd report this to the privacy commission.
I just had a pretty good experience with a Bell Fibe rep.
We have Bell ADSL and a Bell land line but use Rogers for HD.
The rep explained all the features if FibeTV. Spent quite some time discussing how it works - he was quite knowledgeable. My only concern was that we had no cap on our downloads and you only get 25GB with their service - he increased it to 100 GB for a small fee .. I now will have 3 HD set top boxes, one of which is the HD PVR which can record up to 4 separate channels (depending on what the other boxes are doing) + he gave me a better deal on my landline.
(I'm also just 1km from the Main St. C.O.)
Now to cancel my Rogers HD and give back their 8300HD.
A final note: I'll be paying a lot less than I do now.
Maybe the HD Gods are smiling upon me ??
Credit bureaus use the SIN to make sure they have the right person when they report your credit history. Companies can ask for your SIN, but can't require you to provide it. The exceptions are things that are related to income tax like employment, bank interest, etc.

Any further discussion of SIN should be done in another forum.
Where is the Main St CO?

I called pretty much all of the numbers on OP's post.

This one:

1-866-635-8375 (they claim to do the test to see if you are able)

Is if you are not a Bell customer. They are the only ones who can test by address and not phone number for FibeTV eligibility. From what the rep told me, this number goes to their DMC (Direct Marecting Channel). This place is predominantly an outbound telemarketing call centre, so they close the earlier at 7pm.

I agree with OP... the rest of the numbers have varying degrees of help. At least you can get it... Turns out I can't. Boo!
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The Main St. C.O. is just north of Kingston Rd. on the east side.
Do'h, I live on the other side of Toronto in Etobicoke. Hopefully it doesn't spread from there, but rather pockets form everywhere.

Just wondering if anyone knows where the closest CO is to my place (Kipling Subway Station)?
When i tried to order it they said Bell Home Phone and Internet Subscribers were not elligable to subscribe the FIBE TV. Which is probably the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. The next person I talked to just told me it wasnt available in my area.

They are complete dumbasses over there at Bell, talk about unorganized, different stories from different people at bell, you are exactly correct.
I like many am impatiently waiting to order FibeTV. I can get Fibe25 but no TV yet.

I'm near Runnymede / Annette in the Junction area. I'm looking forward to ditching my Rogers service, although I've had my PVR free for the last 3 years on various promo's / threats to leave etc. along with various other discounts.

I've just run ethernet out to my detached garage where I have a 22" HDCP LCD hooked up to my garage-pc (my workshop for my vintage motorcycles). So I'm looking forward to having HD out there with PVR access.

I've also dialed pretty much every number and gotten varying levels of competence (mostly incompetence) on the phone. Its fun to tell the online chat people about FibeTV, given their standard response is 'we sell satellite tv and fibe internet service'. They don't even know about the product and deny its existence.

Thankfully it's summer and I don't spend much time watching TV. So at some point in the coming weeks/months hopefully my CO will get the equipment it needs to shoot IPTV to me, and I'll be able to get some decent promo pricing from Bell for coming over from Rogers.

Been shelling out $160 a month for Internet/TV for WAY too long to Rogers. Probably $10,000+ now in spending, and the sad thing is when I call them to cancel my service, they won't offer anything to stay.
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I had been with Rogers for 10 years, and my service ended 4 days ago. I gave them a 30-day notice last month, and I got one phone call offering a better price to stay, but I didn't take it and had to think about it, when I called back I got a different and higher retention price, so I let the disconnect go through. After it was disconnected I even called one more time, and was quoted yet another higher price than the first or second time, if I wanted to stay. At that point I said screw it. If after 10 years, my $120/month service fees mean nothing to Rogers, then screw it.

Then a few days ago I called Bell, and no one seems to know anything about the Fibe service, as the OP says. What a pain!

So for the past 4 days I've been watching HD OTA with a small old antenna and it's not half bad. I've learned to live without a PVR and hundreds of channels just fine. My wife convinced me to try living without a cable service for a month or two, and if we get desperate to go back to Bell or Rogers.

Also, since my internet was disconnected, I'm using my Nexus One phone wirelessly tethered to my laptop to get internet access, and it works pretty good.

Today I'm going to head out and buy a nicer $50 HD OTA antenna, and that along with using the internet tethered to my phone might save me $150/month over what I was paying with Robbers

It's funny how I called Rogers AND Bell repeatedly to basically give them my money. Rogers doesn't seem to want to give a decent or consistent price, and over at Bell none of their reps seem to know anything about their products. What a bunch of morons.
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Well to be fair, there is a specific number for Fibe TV. And they dont know about it because its really not in full throttle yet I guess, since only a few select areas can actually get it, why bother training your entire bell CS staff for something that less than 1% of the population probably knows about.
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