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Hey... I was surprised with the FibeTV launch to find that Video-On-Demand has been significantly expanded. There are VoD channels for TMN (299), MPIX (308), Superchannel (325), YTV (550), Family (558) and Treehouse (561). As well, HBO Canada is available as part of the TMN VoD content.

These "channels" are also directly accessible via the VoD button the remote and navigating to Subscriptions.

I have been using it for a few weeks but can't compare if the subscription content (e.g., TMN) on BES is similar to the Rogers. For the TMN/ HBO/ MPIX content, it all appears to be HD so that is different as I remember Rogers was mostly SD. I don't subscribe to Superchannel so can't comment on that, and haven't really explored YTV/ Family/ Treehouse.

Anyone able to compare/ comment?

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