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Bell Aliant bumps pricing by $5 per month

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Claiming that it needs to keep up with rising TV programming and Internet usage costs, Bell Aliant has announced it will increase the price of its Whole Home bundle by $5 per month effective November 1st.

This is not Bell's first price increase of the year. The company hit customers with a price increase on May of this year.

For customers paying $132.95 a month, that $5 price increase equates to a 3.8 percent bump in the cost of home phone, internet and television.

The company is also bumping the individual prices for Internet, home phone, calling features, long distance and some additional services. One Digital Home reader tells us their bill will increase $7 per month.

Discuss the price increase in Digital Home's Bell Aliant discussion forum.

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Just to be clear it costs these companies like .01 for every GB they serve.
So for example, if a company serves up 400GB of data it costs them like $4.00.

So when a company claims that it needs to keep pace with "Internet usage costs" the translation is that profits for them aren't as high as year before, and well these companies can't except any decline on profits (since they feel they need to keep making more money each year) so on goes a rate hike for the consumer. We need competition NOW CRTC, bring on Dishnetwork and DirectTV!
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