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Bell 9500 (and 7500) Receiver Discussions

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Had a Bell Tech at the house today to replace my legacy SW44/SW44A switch combo with a DPP Quad. Pretty good service, I called in a problem yesterday (Sunday) and they were at my house the next morning and on a holiday! They waived the $75 service call fee too.

He mentioned there was a 9500 receiver showing up in their system. It wasn't available to anyone and he had little information other than "built in Wi-Fi". Just wondered if anyone had heard of a new receiver - I assume a PVR?


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I know it doesn't sound like much...but I for one am excited to see what this new receiver has to offer.

It's been so long since Bell released a new receiver that I thought perhaps they were done with their satellite service.

I know it's a pipedream...but perhaps it'll be a "Hopper" style DVR (like Dish Network)...let the speculation begin...
Hopefully we can get some confirmed features and pictures this sounds promising.
I really wish they would go to 4 tuners as so many people already have 2 satellite wires coming into the room from before DPP.
Any idea when the pics/specs will be available.

Even better if you knew when the product will be available.
Would you please provide some specs...(ie hard drive size - ssd or old style)

Do we need one line in or two if we have DPP quad?

HDMI version?

Thank you...
When will these be available to the masses?
Pip is back
Unfortunately the Bell website states: "Note: The 9241, 9400 and 9500 HD PVR receivers do not support Picture-In-Picture."
I'm a bit disappointed as I was actually hoping for a larger solid state hard drive (ssd) and channel logos on the guide.
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Can't verify if this is true...but this is what was told to me:

Picture of a Bell 9500.

160GB HDD.

Completely different (won't operate any other Bell receiver) IR remote only.


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This new receiver is turning out to be a big disappointment. At least the 9400 had a much larger internal HDD (1TB) and was much smaller and quieter than its predecessors. Now they drop back to a 160 GB HDD!? Sounds like they are simply refurbishing old Dish hardware with the same outdated interface.

I have a 9400 and I believe that the HD is only a 150GB HDD?
I think that's the mistake I made...I confused 150 hours of HD recording with 150 GB HDD...sorry...I'm old.
Would any of the installers care to shed some light on the differences between the 9500 vs the 9400?

The most important things to me are (in no particular order):

Hard Drive

Thanks a bunch...
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I have never seen a Bell Fibe remote, but I was told that this is very similar.

Still have no confirmation about features.

A chat rep told me the 9500 could be shipped out for $499...take that with a grain of salt...but it makes more sense than Canada Satellite selling the 9500 for $599 and showing a picture of the 9400.


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"Don't need a dpp separator but need a solo hub or a duo hub."

So if I read this correctly...I cannot just add the 9500 to my system...I would require a HUB...even though I'm running a DPP system?
If that is does this affect my 9400/9242's?
Do you mind explaining what that what the hub does and how it gets connected (picture)?
That sorta it looks to me that we'll be back to using another type of switch.
Perhaps that's where the 7500 will be important...because it makes no sense to have a whole home system without a uhf remote.
Quick question. It has been at least 7-9 years since I got a new receiver. I currently have a 9242, 9241, and 2 - 6131. I really want to get on demand and crave working and currently none of the receivers I have are compatible. I know the 9241 is suppose to be but it does not work. I am considering getting a 9500 but I see that it will not work with the legacy setup. I know that I have the legacy setup because I installed it myself. If I were to get a 9500 will the installer/bell replace all the legacy equipment with compatible equipment, and if they do will the new equipment work with all the rest of my receivers?
If that is all you want the new receiver to do...(no whole home etc.)...then why not purchase the 9400...

The 9400 has access to Crave and "on demand" stuff and has much more storage than your 9242/9241's.
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