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Bell 9500 (and 7500) Receiver Discussions

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Had a Bell Tech at the house today to replace my legacy SW44/SW44A switch combo with a DPP Quad. Pretty good service, I called in a problem yesterday (Sunday) and they were at my house the next morning and on a holiday! They waived the $75 service call fee too.

He mentioned there was a 9500 receiver showing up in their system. It wasn't available to anyone and he had little information other than "built in Wi-Fi". Just wondered if anyone had heard of a new receiver - I assume a PVR?


Edit by 57 - Installation instructions by @Dr.Dave in the following post:

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Although I could be wrong, I would think that a special connection would only be required if it were part of a whole-home PVR setup (Joey, Hopper). If it's simply another receiver, I don't see the need for anything special.
@dm_4u : I believe what you're talking about is the Hopper & Joey system used in the US. This is not available from Bell at this time and who knows if it ever will be with Bell concentrating on Fibe.
Is there any way to transfer recordings from a 9400 to a 9500? (is it possible with an external hard drive?)
No. See the following thread:
Has anyone noticed an increase in hard drive space lately?
This could be "media shrink". It was introduced on Rogers in 2014 and discussed recently in BellMTS, see link below:

Per post 2 of the following eHDD facts thread, you cannot use a 9400 eHDD on a 9500.

The 9500 only has two tuners, so you can either record one programme and watch another live, or you can record two programmes and watch a recording.

The 7500 doesn't have a tuner, so you're stuck with what you've got unless perhaps you obtain additional receivers?

Is the 7500 a 2-receiver machine?
The 7500 has no tuners. I suggest you read through some of the recent posts in this thread. The 7500 communicates with the 9500 (which has two tuners) and the 7500 can view recordings or live, depending on what the 9500 is doing. I don't have Bell Sat.

So the 7500 is just a PVR and the 9500 is just a receiver.
No, the 7500 is just a box that communicates with the 9500, which is a two tuner PVR.
The 9400 eHDD is not compatible with the 9500. See eHDD facts thread.

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@Rickitty : Looks like your post may have been moved to this thread on the 9500/7500. I'm not an expert on Bell, but my understanding is that the 7500 is just a dumb streaming box and is "connected" to the 9500, I assume via Ethernet or WiFi. Someone more familiar than I will have to confirm or expand further. The 7500 is not a stand-alone box and requires the 9500 to function since the 9500 contains the tuners and hard drive.
Thanks @Dr.Dave : I've added a link to your post to post 1 of this thread.
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