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Bell 9500 (and 7500) Receiver Discussions

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Had a Bell Tech at the house today to replace my legacy SW44/SW44A switch combo with a DPP Quad. Pretty good service, I called in a problem yesterday (Sunday) and they were at my house the next morning and on a holiday! They waived the $75 service call fee too.

He mentioned there was a 9500 receiver showing up in their system. It wasn't available to anyone and he had little information other than "built in Wi-Fi". Just wondered if anyone had heard of a new receiver - I assume a PVR?


Edit by 57 - Installation instructions by @Dr.Dave in the following post:

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Hi there,

I don’t know if this issue has been discussed before but I’m hopeful there is a solution. I have Bell Satellite service in Toronto and a 9500 receiver. The US Open Tennis is currently on several TSN channels and I would like to record two different tennis matches at the same time, one on each tuner of the 9500 receiver. The problem seems to be that the description of both programs in the Guide is “2022 U.S. Open Tennis” and it does not differentiate between the different matches. So, I can record a tennis match on one tuner but not on the second tuner, even though they are on different channels. I can use the second tuner to record any other program as long as it is not called “2022 U.S. Open”.

Any solution for this?

I tried to record on the second tuner by pressing the Rec button on the remote and I get "Record Remainder of This Event". It just doesn't record because it thinks it is already recording it on Tuner 1.
But thanks for the reply.
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