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Bell 9500 (and 7500) Receiver Discussions

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Had a Bell Tech at the house today to replace my legacy SW44/SW44A switch combo with a DPP Quad. Pretty good service, I called in a problem yesterday (Sunday) and they were at my house the next morning and on a holiday! They waived the $75 service call fee too.

He mentioned there was a 9500 receiver showing up in their system. It wasn't available to anyone and he had little information other than "built in Wi-Fi". Just wondered if anyone had heard of a new receiver - I assume a PVR?


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Hello, I have an old, up until two weeks ago, reliable 9242, have had it since 2006 I believe, with no issues. A couple of weeks ago my component output started acting up. I use the component to connect my tv on the main floor to the 9242 in the basement. After troubleshooting to find it was definitely the receiver and not a cable or other issue I contacted Bell and they promptly send out a replacement receive, which I know is a refurbished. The replacement would not even power on! A second replacement was also faulty, so a 3rd is on it way. 3rd time the charm???
The support person asked about replacement with a 9500 at no cost, however when I told her that I needed to connect a second TV I was told another 7500 receiver would be required and there would be a rental cost. Thus the 3rd 9242 is on it's way.
If this replacement does not work I will be asking Bell to provide a 9500 and 7500 at no additional cost. My question is how does the 7500 connect to the 9500 via cable or WIFI, or do in need a separate satellite cable connected to the 7500? Parton my ignorance, I have not had to do anything with my TV systems since 2006! Thanks.
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