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Bell 9500 (and 7500) Receiver Discussions

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Had a Bell Tech at the house today to replace my legacy SW44/SW44A switch combo with a DPP Quad. Pretty good service, I called in a problem yesterday (Sunday) and they were at my house the next morning and on a holiday! They waived the $75 service call fee too.

He mentioned there was a 9500 receiver showing up in their system. It wasn't available to anyone and he had little information other than "built in Wi-Fi". Just wondered if anyone had heard of a new receiver - I assume a PVR?


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Seems like The Source no longer has any Bell (Sat) receivers.

First, thank you to the people who answered my questions.

Where I live (gta) you can buy them from The Source. In my experience, going through Bell they will do everything they can to make you pay for an installation because they always have “new technology that isn’t compatible with the current setup that you have in your home”.
the 9500s talk to each other, BUT they do NOT share their tuner or PVR recordings with other 9500s, they only share their Tuners and Recordings with a 7500 and they must be on a Hybrid Duo Hub (203961) or the Quad Hub (can’t get the number right now).

Hi Everyone...I been reading through this thread but wanted to see if there was any updates to the information in regards to External Hard Drives. I was just speaking with a Bell Support person through the chat on the Bell Website and he said that an External Hard Drive that was used in the 9400 can be used in the 9500. Is this the case or he is incorrect in his information? Thank You
I have two 9500s and two 7500s and can see all tuners and recording on any receiver.

I just wish Bell would go the route Dish has and have at least the tree tuner version of the 9500 as I have 6 x 9421 in the house previously meaning I had 12 tuners. No I didn't have the ability to watch anything from anywhere, but now instead I have eigth tuners (2 x 9500 and 2 x 9241 each having two tuners).

You can't even buy/rent activate a third 9500! If either of my 9241s bite the dust I will be down two more tuners. Anyone with kids still at home or a spouse who records everything during prime time knows what a PITA Bell has created.

I have two 9500s and two 7500s. I can see and watch all my recordings on any receiver in the house. The 9500s have two tuners each. If those tuners are in use, the 7500s can still watch a recording but can’t tune to any other live channel until a tuner becomes free.
Don’t ask me they are hooked up because I don’t know. There is something called a hybrid duo hub that some cables go in out of as well as a channel stack splitter.
There used to be diagrams here for most of the possible Bell combinations. It seems that since the 9500/7500 combos came out that has fallen away. I do know that with a 2 x 9500 and 1 x 7500 they use a Hybrid Duo Hub (203961) to connect two RG6 to the Quad or DPP LNB, or to a DPP44. Then the 9500s connect to the HOST/ADV CLIENT port. That will allow all three devices to share the four tuners (2 tuners/9500) and I have removed my 7500 a few times and both 9500s share tuners.

Unfortunately there is no two 7500 diagrams and remember the Dish Hoppers have many generations with more tuners than Bell has currently as well as Dish has 4K receivers.

As posted above, More detailed with images here.

I have attached the diagrams from the sources I found in case the links get broken that Dr.Dave posted.


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