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Since this is your second room, I believe a 2.0 or 2.1 is adequate. The WAF is a big thing and you have to come to a compromise with her for success and happiness of both of you.

A good Surround Bar would would look spiffy under your panel however, you would have to check this properly to insure you acquire something that allows you for good music SQ since you have mentioned 50% is music.

You can look at some of the products I am familiar with as I own and use successfully the SB 42'' however, the SB 50'' would be more suitable since it is capable of bass. There is also a new product you could look into if you are not in a rush. Demos are starting at Club Polk soon. If you ever feel a subwoofer is needed, you can acquire one from Polk audio (I guess other brands may have such available).

I believe you can also acquire some wireless rears if you so wish. I personally use a RocketFish wireless kit from Best Buy, very effective for my portable system (it is amplified).

As another option, you can cut your cost by buying powered bookshelves speakers thus eliminating the need for an AVR (unless you want the typical 5.1 effects). Personally my portable system consist of 2 M-AUDIO powered speakers with a HITMASTER from Polk (was given to me after my demo here in Canada :cool:)since it provides for a good 40 hz of bass and I use the RocketFish for rear as need be (usually the HM and the monitors are sufficient). The portable system is also used in my bedroom but am a little reluctant to use the HM due to the neighbors in the semi-detached :( ) The advantage of powered speakers is that they provide you with good SQ without the investment of AMP or AVR and are simply controlled from your TV remote control :cool:

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