If showing your best face, every time is your goal, check out these beauty appliances that can keep you glowing.

Aging skin? Split ends? Digital technology isn’t there to simply help you keep in touch, make phone calls, and track your fitness habits. It’s also come a long way in the beauty department.

There are numerous products out there to help you present your best self at all times. Some of tech best devices go a bit further, to provide you with that extra edge.


Samsung’s S-Skin is a good example. It’s a handheld device that uses photosensors, cameras, and conductivity to measure different elements related to your skin. It collects data on things like skin tone and dryness, to help you improve your skin tone.

The device lets you use infrared LED’s for light-based therapy, and micro-needle patches containing helpful products like collagen.

For its part, the Kérastase Hair Coach by L’Oreal is a smart brush that vibrates to warn you if you’re brushing too hard. It does this to help you avoid developing split ends. How effective it is remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting concept, nonetheless.

And if your battle is against wrinkles, check out the Quasar MD . It’s a powerful, high-end device that offers users at-home LED light therapy for their skin.

To keep your skin squeaky clean, try facial sonic cleansing with the Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing device. It’s perfect for removing tough-to-clean makeup and daily build up on your skin.

For more tips on beauty tech, check out CES 2017 .

Photo credits: looking2thesky/Bigstock