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Beagle: In the footsteps of Darwin

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Back in November, I flew back from Europe and was treated to this Dutch series on the AVOD system.

It was produced and broadcasted by the Dutch media company VPRO (ironically its origins is a protestant christian broadcaster) and was named Beagle: In het kielzog van Darwin where a ship by the name of Staad Amsterdam sailed where the HMS Beagle sailed on its second voyage and examines topics Darwin wrote about.

Have been mulling it over and finally decided to buy the BD set even though it costs a pretty penny (isn't available through any of the usual channels). DVD format was only 10% less.

BBC apparently bought it off the Dutch but I wonder when the BBC plans to release this, and whether there will be any changes? The entire series (35 episodes) was presented on KLM's long haul aircraft at least in November and was fascinating (only had time to watch 3 episodes). It was in Dutch with engliish subtitles and English with dutch subtitles. It featured several of Darwin's descendants including biologist Sarah Darwin who is the g-g-granddaughter or the man.

Good thing I have a Seiki BD 660 player to view it on!
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Just received the set today some 2 weeks after ordering. Came by TNT (shipping was expensive, but not much less to within the EU). No import taxes charged.

The recordings are in 1080i (since it was made for TV and actually a good part was uploaded by satellite from wherever the Stad Amsterdam was).

Have my Seiki set to A region but the player just played it. No regional restrictions here.
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