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BBM Canada had released their Top-line Radio Statistics
Fall 2010 (September 6–October 31, 2010) report (PDF) for selected Canadian markets:

The winners:
MARKET                        CALLSIGN        SHARE %

Victoria                        CFAX            13.4
Winnipeg                        CJOB            18.6
Windsor                         CKLW            17.9
London                          CFPL-FM         12.8
Kitchener-Waterloo              CHYM-FM         12.9
St.Catharines-Niagara           CHRE-FM         12.0
Hamilton                        CKLH-FM         11.8
Ottawa-Gatineau Francophone     CIMF-FM         22.9
Ottawa-Gatineau Anglophone      CBO-FM          19.9
Sherbrooke                      CITEF-4         22.2
Quebec City                     CFOM-FM         16.0
Halifax                         CBHA-FM         16.2

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In Hamilton, Niagara,Kitchener,Windsor a majority of people are listening elsewhere.If I was advertising I would want to know where the other 70% are listening to.So called out of market listening.

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London CFPL-FM 12.8
But not by much. 4 stations are in the 10.2% to 12.8% range. The top 3 are almost tied and frequently switch places. The most notable numbers are for some AM stations, which are dismally low. It should also be noted that some broadcasters own several stations in the London market so they actually control more of the market than a single station does.

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Interesting stats,

Looking at London, I see CIQM-FM (97.5 EZ Rock) has dropped like a stone since fall 2009. It has gone from a 12.4 share and top station in the market to 6.5 share- almost 6% drop, WOW! This station underwent a format change earlier this year and it looks like viewers aren't at all happy and are tuning out. I think whomever is responsible for the changes isn't sitting too comfortably right now or at least they shouldn't be. Why would you mess with a good thing, the station was the most listened to in the market and is now 6th?!

On another note, where are the ratings for the big boys- Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton & Montreal?!

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My first career after University was a Media Buyer. I used to spend millions each year buying radio time throughout North America so I always look at radio numbers with great interest.

For what its worth, Share isn't much of a statistic for radio stations. The critical numbers are reach (which relates to cumulative audience) and average quarter hour audience.

Some stations, such as CFRB in Toronto have huge shares because they have a bunch of adults 55+ who listen 8 or 10 hours a day. Other stations like Chum-FM have fewer hours tuned in a day but have a far greater reach.

As a radio buyer, we looked first for stations with the greatest reach in our demographic. This also meant that we only needed to buy a few spots a week on CFRB which had little turnover versus lots of spots for Chum-FM which had lots of turnover.

If I was advertising I would want to know where the other 70% are listening to.So called out of market listening.
Known as spill. In most of those regions in the past, folks were listening to U.S. or Toronto stations.

I used to buy Toronto Radio stations and then measure their "spill" into other markets. The result was you never needed to buy as many ratings, if any, in the peripheral markets.

Radio buying was one of the funnest jobs I ever had, unfortunately, it didn't pay well so I moved on.
Same principles applied to television.

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The program manager for Astral in London (owners of the former Q97.5) was let go sometime last month. Not sure if the change in format had anything do to with it, or if the format change was from higher up the chain.
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