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BB 9780 data settings and info please

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Im planning in getting a BB 9780 for my wife. She will only add The Robber$ $15 plan for BBM and email (unless Rogers will add 50MB data for free)

my plan is to buy the phone, insert my SIM card to download any update that can only be obtained through BB Online Store, then disable internet via cellular networks.

The questions are:
1. Is my plan can be done
2. If so, how can I disable cellular-data browsing (so there won't be accidental data usage)
3. Is it possible to use only wifi and NOT be charged by Rogers? (I've read rumours stating that if she doesn't have dataplan with Rogers, even if she can browse using wifi she'll still be charged by Rogers... Which doesn't make sense, but hey it's Rogers!)
4. What are the settings required to do item 3 above.

The reason she doesn't want to pay extra for data is because she doesn't travel at all. She can and allowed to use her office wifi and once she gets home she'll use the home wifi.
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Won't her BB get the browser etc because I'm putting my SIM card to setup her BB initially? Also shouldn't the service books be there because the $15 package includes BBM and e-mail (and e-mail require service books)

My apology if my logic is flawed.

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Thanks, TorontoColin.

Several more questions:
1. With BBM and e-mail package she'll also be able to ger e-mail from her Hotmail account, right?
2. She will not be charged when she's using home wifi, I assume? (my buddy in tbe US with AT&T stll get charge d unless he subscribe data)
3. Is there any way to block cellular data against accidwntal usage? I can't seem to find amy setting related to that which does not also kill cellular service.
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