The Basketball Jones, a popular video podcast, blog and now television program that analyzes, and often satirizes, the National Basketball Association is coming to the Score television network.

The show is written and hosted by Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets and shot, edited, and produced by Jason Doyle and Matt Osten.

Together the four of them make up The Basketball Jones – professional basketball’s essential source for analysis, commentary, pointless digressions and petty arguments.

Melas, Skeets, Doyle and Osten met while attending Ryeron University’s Radio and Television Arts program in Toronto, Canada from 2001 - 2005

“We were fans before we were partners and because of their undeniable appeal to sports fans, The Basketball Jones was on our radar very early on,” says Jonathan Savage, Vice President, Digital, Score Media Inc. “With a heavy focus on basketball and with a young demographic of followers, they’re a natural fit for us.”

The Basketball Jones will seen and/or hear on its mobile application, tv channel and on Hardcore Sports Radio SIRIUS Channel 98.

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