Bang & Olufsen (B&O), providers of stylish and very expensive consumer electronics, today announced that its BeoVision4-85, an 85 inch 3D Plasma television will be available in June for $85,000.

The company also announced a larger 103 inch version will be available this summer, however, pricing for it was not announced.

B&O says the BeoVision 4-85 is encased in a high-grade aluminum frame and is designed to give its customers the ultimate TV experience by employing a "a wide selection" of picture improvement technologies including an anti-reflection coating to reduce annoying reflections and automatic picture control which adjusts the light output of the 3DTV in order to adapt to varying room lighting conditions.

For those wanting to really impress the neighbours, the company is placing the television on a unique stand that elevates the screen at the touch of a button. When the TV is turned on, the screen will elevate itself to the viewing position and the integrated BeoLab 10 center loudspeaker will emerge underneath the screen. At the same time, the screen will turn and tilt according to the user's preferences via the dedicated Beo4 or Beo6 remote. When switched off, the screen moves down towards the floor and is parked a few inches above the floor.

"BeoVision 4–85 offers a best-in-class audio and video experience, extreme ease of use and magical mechanical elements – while heightening the design impact of any room in any home", states Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. "We believe the BeoVision 4–85 inch will attract dedicated Bang & Olufsen customers who are seeking the ultimate home cinema experience – for both 3D and every day 2D viewing preferences."

BeoVision 4-85 inch is available in June 2011 and retails at $85,000. If $85,000 is a little too much for you, the set is also available as a screen-only solution, where the screen is mounted on a wall bracket at a lower price point. If you have to ask what the lower price point is, then you probably can't afford it anyway!

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