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Why don't you put an Internet filter on your router. I got a suggestion on this board (for our kids) to use Open DNS. You can easily stop use of torrents/porn/gaming etc.

No idea of what the legal ramifications of doing this in your situation would be, but I can't see it being different than a company filtering out stuff from their employees. If he/she needs a site it can be unblocked.

But some sites are just bandwidth intensive. I have and the nba online package and we go through huge amounts of data a month.

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what it must be like for the tenant dealing with this, and further with the landlord who's getting his head filled with nonsense.
Please ... do not give me that "poor tenant" / "poor individual" line.

I know a heck of alot more about this particular situation than I can talk about here.

And I do not know what makes you think this is any nonsense.

The owner knows one thing for sure ... no nonsense - that this individual is causing issues - not just internet usage issues - and is being "tolerated" - barely - at the moment.

Luckily for this "individual" - we're all very patient and respectful.

... if it were up to me personally ... I won't begin to tell you how quickly this individual would be "OUT" .

Bye bye "Tenant" ... bye bye "Individual" ... bye bye "Issues" .

[ the home net changes continue, slowly and carefully - and we continue to make progress ]

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I wonder what kinda of "internet" is being supply and the speed..
For example, if was group home where bunch young adults lived and land lord of the house had say Linksys router setup for all adult to access via wi-fi.

If person who pays the bill only had say 7.5 Mbps internet speed and you shared that in home/group home say with 4-5 people. Say they all have laptops.. they all have there own bedrooms. but one kitchen and few extra bathrooms..

If one person leave torrent on all day and/or never shuts off his laptop and others are just trying surf, perhaps watch HD-Netflix/few youtube. Then yeah I could see why few others would people who use net for " General" would be very " annoyed. "

I have been in this position, had my computer hooked up 5 other people. Think net speed was 5.0 Mbps at time. If one left his computer on for Torrent. Anybody who trying play say wow (world of warcarft) would be pretty much screwed as your Ping would be around 500-900ms range which unplayable.
Even just trying talk on msn/skype or surf was impossible.

if landlord (homeowner/person pays internet bills) only was getting a med internet speed and shared with 4-6 people. any one hog would bring all others net connection to stand still or dead crawl. There is also another possibility too.. One person using internet has No idea about computers/data/security/virus and spyware.

I have helped people who had "no idea" on computer security and try help repair there computers. Only when I go look there computer, have browser with 20 million add on bars, 10 google bars, have so much bloody stuff loaded up in task tray and Virus and spyware OMG.. There Anti virus not loading or not updating cuz Virus/users screw around with it..

I was surprise the computer was still running and Yeah very same person did not know "they" had torrent loading up in background every time. cuz they always complained about there internet being slow.. *sighs*

There are many many people out there who do not know how maintain PC properly, and install stuff without even thinking about it. as I try to tell friends and teach them what I have learn over last 15+ years.

"Your computer is very much like a sport car. Load/install/put too much weight on it and it will slow down and crash. " Sports car won't perform if you have all those heavy brick still in back.

Other application that would use a lot Data
- Running games server Eg Counter Strike via steam
- Torrent or other Peer to Peer programs
- There own personal web server or forms
- Videos
- Netflix (HD video will eat up quickly )
- FTP site or file server
- download pirate games (which I do not agree with )
- Downloading videos off there PVR/DVR?

I don't even want think about illegal stuff like HD Videos/blue Rays would do it too. It's better to buy.
why d/l crapy version that won't look very good, heavy compressed and won't have true 5.1 surround sound.

There nothing stopping the landlord from changing the Wifi password in the router and only giving to people he/she knows that does not abuse it.
(if Landlord is one pays for Internet ))

I'm not saying that Best way to fix the problem. but it is an option should landlord deiced to not provide the user in question internet anymore..

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Checking back the Thread.

Yes, thanks CentaurChester .

Some of the points you mention - are valid - and real - in terms of what is going on in this place.

There is NO wireless / no wifi ... no way. Wired only . Ethernet to livingroom and rooms.


Things have taken a turn for the worse.

Individual did something really bad now - not related to internet usage ... and so I can't really give details here.

Individual really crossed the line - and I believe individual is "on the way out" now.

We'll see how it develops.

But it's BAD . Bad situation currently.

Bye Bye HOG real soon. I hope.

[ It's happening as professionally and as respectfully and as humanely as we can - but it's becomming a real "situation" now. Our level of concern is very high now ... until "individual" is gone. What a nightmare / cauchemarre. ]

And AFFIRMATIVE ... "Owner" does NOT want to share internet anymore with any other "Friend" that may live with us.

Yikes. Scary.

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I can understand sharing with roommate/family member who you trust somebody you are with is fine.. (Brother/sister/Family/love one) But when it get's to more 2-3 ppl sharing same connection. Yeah thing's can quickly go very bad, No matter if its wired or Wifi..

It best if everybody got there own connection if possible. Sharing always can get into trouble..Usually most Isp do not like too many different names on the account. But I also understand that sometime there is different issues,reasons where it's not possible to share. (group home etc)
Hope everything return to normal soon. Good luck :)
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