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Bad reception on only one channel? (Actually TR21 on 9241?)

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And here I was thinking I knew it all when this comes up.

All my channels have good reception without any problems whatsoever, except for TMN XSHD (channel 1253). The regular SD channel is also okay. The problem is mostly stuttering (or freezing for a split second) but occasionally it'll completely lose the signal and display the "acquiring signal" dialog, again only for a split second.

How is this possible for only one channel? Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do before I call Bell.

I have 2 receivers (a 9241 and a 6000-something) and it happens on both so I'm doubting its a hardware thing.

Thanks for any help....
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A quick guess would be you have a transponder with low signal, and your dish needs to be tweeked slightly. there should be a few other channels having the same problem tho, perhaps you don't sub to them or watch them.
or the problem is not on your end.
I thought it might be something like that. Unfortunately the dish is located way up on my roof and I don't have the expertise or know-how to tweak it. Hopefuly Bell won't charge me if I ask them to do it.

Signal strengths are 75-77 for sat 91 and 85-89 for sat 82. Anything I can do in the setup menu before I try tweaking the dish?

call in to ensure it's not happening at the uplink station, they may be able to talk you through to check the signal strength on that particular transponder.
the numbers you get is that when you check the signal while tuned tot hat channel?
i'm sure pinza would know the procedure.
It appears to be on TR21. These are the others on that TR.

1253 MXSHD MXSHD 21 12.5156 Nimiq 2 (82) HDTV none
1254 MFNHD MFNHD 21 12.5156 Nimiq 2 (82) HDTV none
1256 MPix HD MPXHD 21 12.5156 Nimiq 2 (82) HDTV AC-3
1588 MSN HD MSNHD 21 12.5156 Nimiq 2 (82) HDTV none
1601 Discovery World HD DWHD 21 12.5156 Nimiq 2 (82) HDTV AC-3

I would normally suspect a problem at the source for a single channel issue, your signal levels are aceptable but are a little low for your area.
this is very interesting since in my other thread i am ciomplaining about exactly the same thing except with DWHD

as u listed

1601 Discovery World HD DWHD 21 12.5156 Nimiq 2 (82) HDTV AC-3

i don;'t use those other channels u listed but am having that problem cdonstantly every minute or so on DWHD

lets all call bell

maybe they can get their act together
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It would be more useful if the signal strength for channel 1253 was provided. Are other channels on the same transponder OK? If so, it's likely a source issue. I've seen instances where just certain channels have issues due to bad originating signals or similar problems at the source.
I've been noticing the same issue as well (Kitchener, Ontario). Signal levels on both birds above 80. Odd.
Okay, I did check MPIX and Discovery World HD and sure enough they have the same problem. All on transponder 21 and observed signal strength ranging from low 70's to a high of 77.

So I take it that this is not a dish-pointing issue. draithby's right; we should all call Bell and complain. Strength in numbers lol !!!
i certainly wouldn't be satisfied with a signal ranging from 70-77 you must have some rain faid issues in inclement weather!
Signal strengths in the 70s are borderline for HD channels. They should be OK but minor problems may start to appear at that level. 80s or 90s will ensure a much more reliable picture. It shouldn't be difficult to get at least 80s on N2 with a 20" dish in eastern Canada.
just checked my signal strength on DWHD 1601 transponder 21 and its all over the place from high 60's to high 70's

it is much more variable than other transponders appear to be so something is def not right
I have a suspicion that the jumping signal level problem is also related to the latest 9241 firmware update.

If I check TP21 on my 9242 PVR the signal level is solid at 94% to 95%.

If I check TP21 on my 9241 PVR the signal level is jumping between 80% to 95%. Quite a difference.

That says the fault is either my 9241 PVR itself or the firmware in the 9241 (since the 9242 doesn't have jumping signal levels).

Admittedly, the TP21 is the worst with respect to the signal jumping around, and would cause dropouts if the overall signal levels were low as a result of dish alignment, but all my transponders move by about 5% on the 9241. They use to be rock solid just like my 9242 still is.

I did bring this up here at post #1253 the other day, but haven't gotten much play on the topic.

It would be interesting to see signal levels of TP21 (on satellite 82) from some other people who have 9241's and 9242's.

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My 9242's are at 95%, steady levels.
My 9200's are at 93%, steady levels.

Checked a neighbors 9241, jumping from 72, to 96.

It is certainly NOT an alignment issue at all.
Yep, that shows that it's the new firmware update to the 9241 (V238).

great job on figuring this one out ELYK hopefully bell can respond quickly and get this problem resolved for everyone!!
I suspect with the bouncing numbers anyone with marginal signal to begin with will be having more trouble then those with numbers that were in the 90's.
I don't know how quickly Bell will respond.

I've never had much luck explaining any problems I've had with them, and this one would be a whopper to try and get across to the agent on the other end.

Hopefully there will be enough people with 9241's with slightly mis-aligned dishes phoning in complaints. Most people wouldn't suspect it could be a firmware problem since you'd need a 9242 and a 9241 on the same system to come up with that thought, so I'm not hopeful of a resolution too soon.

I doubt Bell reads this forum...

This topic is now being discussed in the 9241 thread, so I'm closing this one to limit discussiosn to one thread.
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