BabyTV, a 24-hour commercial free television channel for infants, toddlers has been added to Videotron's digital channel line-up in Québec.

The station, broadcasting in French, is now available on free preview on channel 170 and will be available as part of Videotron’s Mega package as well as customized packages.

BabyTV features short-form episodes that explore early learning themes with an emphasis on parent-child interaction. Signature shows include, “Charlie & The Numbers,” a playful introduction to numbers and counting; “Tulli,” a guessing game that looks at objects from a toddler’s perspective; “Oliver Discovers,” a show that explores first concepts that can be found all around us; “Pim & Pimba,” an imaginative series that uses everyday objects in a role-playing game; and “First Baby Songs,” which is a production of favourite nursery rhymes and children’s song clips, among others.

Selected programming from the station will also be available on the Videotron Web site along with the cable giants mobility and video on demand (VOD) service.

“Parents in Quebec have already shown an enthusiasm for BabyTV’s unique programs which they have had access to only On-Demand, and we look forward to bringing our unique service and exclusive shows that are created by educational experts, to even more families in Canada.” said Maya Talit, co-founder and Marketing Director for the station.

Founded in 2003, BabyTV is now available in over 90 countries broadcasting in 17 languages.

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