Canadian IT solutions integrator, Scalar Decisions recently launched its RenderCloud project, which puts several B.C. digital media studios on equal footing with other global competitors.

Basically, RenderCloud is a data centre facility providing high-performance servers manufactured by SGI and supported by ultra-fast 10GB Ethernet built on Brocade networking technology.

The cloud computing model allows studios to pay for server technology on-demand or even on a cost-per-day basis making it more affordable to support projects with extensive technology requirements such as animation or 3D.

Catherine Winder, President and Executive Producer of Rainmaker Entertainment said: "RenderCloud will help all of us to keep Vancouver firmly positioned as the epicentre for production whether that's feature films' special effects, animation, or gaming. The opening of RenderCloud makes us competitive with such cities as London and New Zealand, and puts Vancouver into consideration for the next generation of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings productions."

More value-added and high-capacity infrastructure services tailored to the digital media community will be forthcoming as RenderCloud is set to scale to over 1,500 servers by the middle of the year.

RenderCloud is supported by B.C. studios Rainmaker, Image Engine and Digital Domain and these firms will be able to sub-lease their resources to other studios as required. The facility is located at the Centre for Digital Media on Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver.