The average Bell Mobility customer spent $51.67 a month on wireless services in the first quarter of 2011, up 3.2% from $50.07 in the same quarter of 2010 according to figures from Bell's recent financial statements.

The average post-paid customer spent $62.51 per month with Bell in the first quarter versus just $15.36 per month for pay as you go customers.

Bell said the average spent by postpaid customers increased 1.3% from $61.72 per month in the first quarter 2010 to $62.51 this year. The increase was due primarily to growth in the use of data usage because of increased use of e-mail, wireless Internet, text messaging and other mobile applications, as well as increased adoption of data plans, driven by increased penetration of smartphones and other data devices including turbo hubs and tablets.

Smartphone users now account for 34% of all Bell Moblity postpaid customers, up from 20% a year earlier.

The average spent each month by prepaid customers during the quarter however fell to $15.36 per month compared to $16.87 per month in the same period a year earlier. The year-over-year decrease was mainly the result of lower average usage per customer and due to the loss of some higher spending prepaid customers to new wireless start-ups such as Mobilicity and Public Mobile

As of March 31, 2011, Bell had 7,247,340 prepaid and postpaid wireless customers, up from 7,242,048 at the end of 2010.

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