Audyssey Laboratories, a California based company specializing in technologies that address acoustical problems in professsional audio and home theatre systems today announced the latest version of its MultiEQ room equalization technology.

The company says that its MultEQ XT32 room equalization technology features improved signal-processing algorithms without requiring any additional computing power.

Audyssey says the ability to do more with the same amount of computing power is important because the digital signal processing chips inside A/V Receivers today are simply not powerful enough to run the latest signal processing algorithms.

With MultEQ XT32, Audyssey says it has increased filter resolution by 32 times without the need for more computational power. According to the sound engineers, improved filter resolution is what allows finer details of the room's problems to be captured and corrected. The result, claims the company, is an increase in resolution that improves sound quality on all channels, including the subwoofer.

MultEQ XT32 is now available to manufacturers and is expected to incorporated into many new audio video receivers this fall.

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