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From a press release issued today.

Audyssey today introduced MultEQ XT32, the next generation in the company's family of room equalization technologies. MultEQ XT32 increases filter resolution 32-fold using an innovative new signal-processing algorithm that does not require any additional computing power. The increased filter resolution enables customers and installers to automatically calibrate a sound system using more than ten thousand individual control points.

AVRs today perform increasingly complex operations, but the available processing power in the DSP chips responsible for running all the digital algorithms is not keeping pace. Improvement in room correction performance can only come by increasing the resolution of the filters. This allows finer details of the room's problems to be captured and corrected. But, increasing the resolution means more computational power in the chips, an option that's currently not available.

To solve this problem, Audyssey invested more than two years of R&D resources and countless hours of algorithm development to develop MultEQ XT32. It's not often that algorithms compute more data while taking up fewer resources, yet that's precisely what Audyssey managed with this new technology. Using multiple sampling rates in the measurement and filter synthesis process, the company derived a method that increases the resolution of the MultEQ XT filters by a factor of 32, giving MultEQ XT32 more than ten thousand individual control points to achieve the desired response.

This huge increase in resolution is applied equally to all channels, including the subwoofer. The most obvious benefit will be in the low frequency range where correction is needed the most.

MultEQ XT32 is currently available to manufacturers and will be in AVRs this Fall.
A new tag to throw on A/V Receivers this fall.
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