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personally i think if your having a hard time finding anything useful re: these (audiotrak) speakers (good reviews, widely accepted, known ..etc) .. i would avoid them. paradigm would be good choice, in comparison i think (maybe the guy has other amp options)

lots of recognized speaker names that config. to in-wall, ceiling installation. seems you need to re-group and re-evaluate the choices offered to you, difficult for others to provide specfic feedback for this, if your looking for encouragement (or re-assurance for these brands) it's probably a significant investment too (understandably)

pre-wire the house for multi-zone while still roughed in (partitioned w/o drywall). don't rush into the hardware if your unsure . .. seems i am getting that vibe from you.

pre-wire (probably wireless methods for control, i would say) ...settle down and choose your arsenal at your leisure (speakers and MZ amps) ...afterward. even if you connect, configure yourself - which isn't a big deal. good learning experience ..and you'll feel better about your choices probably.

re: the 6190. you may need external amps, external infrared....yes i suppose you can use the 6190 as the controller, if you choose up to 3 zones using external amps. if you choose to use the internal maps of the AVR (mind you i haven't done this and doesn't appear pratical given what you want to accomplish - you will be better off with external amps it seems) exercise care when it comes to multiple pairs of speakers, meaning the loads on your 6190. different scenerios. for example, the manual warns against passive loudspeaker selector boxes. my understanding is that this provides a method to select (switch) to different paired speakers (different zones) .. it is my understanding some don't control impedence. i think this is what they mean in the manual... boxes may present lower impedence (or when trying to drive multiple speaker pairs)

anyways ... just some thought, opinion. check it out thoroughly, it's important. or simply get more (other) installer input. intended not to plug these guys (with the act of providing link) .. but may allow (trigger) other thought for you, motive to dig deeper, verify/compare pricing maybe ..etc. good luck.
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