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I have just installed a Sony 32EX710 HDTV and obtained a Cogeco HD receiver last weekend.

I set up the cables between the HD Receiver and the HDTV, with the 3 Video and 2 Audio cables. Everything works okay, I get picture and sound.

With regards to Audio, I am able to adjust the Audio on the TV and on the HD Receiver... nice...

Subsequently, I decided I would replace the Video and Audio cables with an HDMI cable connection between the HD Receiver and the HDTV.

Problem... now I can only adjust the volume on the HDTV. The remote can turn the HD Receiver ON/OFF and Mute the HD Receiver, but the Audio cannot be adjusted... only on the HDTV.

Can anyone offer any help or insight with this issue?

Thanks very much.

Regards, Kevin.
Burlington, ON

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What's the make/model of the HD STB? Most do not allow adjustment of the volume on the STB when using a digital connection like HDMI. The remote can however be programmed to adjust the volume on the TV and the "global volume lock" can also be set so that even when the remote is in CBL mode, it adjusts the volume on the TV. This allows most people to use one remote and to not even need to press different buttons on the top for basic functions like on/off, volume. Please review the Remote's operating manual for instructions.

Please see the following post, useful for those new to the forum - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:

Edit - I believe that some of the new Pace (and perhaps Motorola) STBs now can also control the volume on the HDMI output, but I usually recommend having the TV or AVR make the adjustments so that an uncompromized signal gets to the final device.
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